When An Invoice is No Longer Just an Invoice:

How to Manage Global Legal E-Billing


For nearly twenty years, the world’s leading companies have implemented sophisticated electronic billing, matter and vendor management systems designed to govern large budgets and legal spend initiatives.


These systems, however, have been largely US-centric.


Today, as companies and their law departments integrate their global footprints, “Going Global” presents an entirely new set of challenges and uncharted territory for legal and e-billing.  Going Global means having to understand and manage a myriad of country-specific legal, tax, compliance, regulatory, privacy and data residency policies.  Even the definition of an invoice can vary across regions, and VAT changes literally everything!


In this session, Hyperion Global Partners, the developers of the Global Legal E-billing Playbook, offer guidelines, insights and opportunities for planning and implementing a successful integrated global legal e-billing program.


As leading industry experts on integrated global invoice and tax compliance management, we literally wrote the playbook for Global Legal e-Billing!


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PRESENTATION: When an Invoice is No Longer Just an Invoice