Hyperion's TrendView™ Report seeks to better understand a topic that has never previously been reported on: the costs - real and realized - to law firms of using third-party e-billing systems required by their clients.

In early 2015, we created a survey and sought assistance from Research Members and collaborators - highly-placed billing managers and CFO's who could reliably provide data on law the use of e-billing systems.

The information collected tells a compelling story about the value law firms derive from the systems they use, but also sheds light on how e-billing has evolved over the last twenty years into a discipline within the law firm that requires attention and resources.

We were curious about a number of things associated with e-billing system costs.

  • Do law firms understand the costs and realize any benefits from the systems they are required to use by their clients?
  • Do client fee structure trends track closely with system costs?
  • Do law firm fee structures ever change with the longevity of engagement?
  • How are law firms impacted by their e-billing vendor system?
  • Do "quick pay" promises ever actually pan out?

Though our initial research on the topic was structured and objective, the scope was limited.  So we're expanding the Project to engage a broad legal audience, and along with the publication of these initial results, we're announcing:

Hyperion Research's 2015 Study on Finding Value in E-Billing.

Download the TrendView™ Report below, then lend your voice by completing the companion survey.  We will publish the results of the broader program later this summer, and make it available to all participants in this special double-publication TrendView™ and Benchmarking program!




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