The use of Business Process Management (BPM) systems to automate and streamline operations is an increasingly critical consideration for law firms. Core processes such as new business intake, conflict clearance, check requests, new employee provisioning, lateral intake and expense management are examples of high priority focus areas for BPM.

The situation for many firms, however, is complicated. Today’s market presents a complex landscape of entrenched legacy workflow tools, embedded point solutions, and a quickly emerging set of new BPM providers. On top of that, for many firms with legacy applications, their NBI systems often include older, unsupported platforms that were implemented years ago; and in some instances, these systems have been “end-of-lifed.”

As firms consider next steps for solving their BPM challenges, there are a number of options to consider with varied potential alignments to the firm’s broad-based needs. In this TrendView™ Report we discuss the various options available, and guiding principles for making the right decision in implementing BPM improvements.


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