Today, the discipline of Intellectual Property Management is a mature and increasingly important area of focus for innovation and brand-driven companies.  As intellectual property owners are forced to speed the pace of innovation, maximize the return on their existing intellectual property and improve their IP strategies and operations, the need for increasingly capable IP Management systems has never been higher.

Since the last MarketView™ report, there has been a significant amount of activity in the IP Management space. In this report, we will update the shifting vendor and product landscape, as well as highlight a number of the important trends shaping the industry. Of particular importance, we indoctrinated a professional paradigm, Intellectual Property Business Management (“IPBM”), to describe the emerging and significant shifts in prevailing IP operational models from prosecution-driven lifecycles to business-integrated lifecycles. In this report, we highlight a number of vendors and applications which have embraced this model, supporting core business operations, strategic integration, revenue corroboration and corporate value with robust data-driven IP decision-making capabilities.

Hyperion’s MarketView™ Report on Intellectual Property Management Systems for Corporations provides a comprehensive review of the IPM software market for Corporate IP Departments.  The focus of this report is on “end-to-end” IPM lifecycle systems.  While docketing is, and always will be, a critical aspect of IP Management systems, our review focuses on solutions that raise the bar much higher, delivering powerful capabilities that address the broader IP needs of the entire enterprise. In studying and assessing the solution landscape, we encourage clients to use this report to gain a perspective on the market and to develop an informed starting point for evaluating their specific and unique solution options.

Comprised of over 130 pages, the report provides in-depth coverage of the following areas:

  • Trends in the solution market
  • Key solution components expected from leading solutions
  • Identification of solution providers
  • Review and assessment of Advanced Solution Providers
  • Guiding principles for selecting and implementing solutions

Advanced Solution vendors covered in the report include Anaqua, CPA Global (all 5 IPM solutions now under the Clarivate banner), Dennemeyer, MaxVal, Patrix, and TM Cloud.


Purchase of this report includes a 60 minute briefing session with our Senior Analyst to discuss and answer questions about the market and solution providers.


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