Paperless Work Environments for IPM

While historically paper-intensive, the legal profession is quickly digitizing. Electronic-based work processes offer cost savings, improved quality and more-efficient work product. Implementing a paperless work environment is particularly important to creating an effective IP program. We find that document management systems (DMS) are an increasingly critical element in the overall integrated IPM environment.
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IP Portfolio and Spend Management

The topic of legal spend in corporate law departments has become a perennial focus for legal management and operational performance improvement. While legal budgets have experienced historical reductions, we find that in 2014-15 the real driver in legal spend management will be to seek greater value rather than whole-cloth reductions.
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Workflow Automation in Intellectual Property Management

In seeking to improve operational performance, leading Intellectual Property groups are now embracing advanced workflow technology as a key to their success. Workflow solutions can deliver rapid returns on investment because they improve resource utilization, work-cycle times and quality-control costs.
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