MarketView™ Reports

Hyperion Research is the legal industry's premier source of independent market research and advisory services. We provide unparalleled insight to the leading trends in legal strategy, operations, and technology. We work with law departments, law firms and other legal service organizations to make intelligent, fact based decisions about how to improve their operational performance. We also work with solution providers, including software vendors, professional service groups and consultants, to better understand the latest market trends and the needs of their customers.

MarketView™ reports provide analysis of the Legal solution market in key segments, including solution definitions, solution provider landscape, market sizing and adoption scenarios.


MarketView Library

Our Research Library includes the following regularly updated MarketView™ products:

(Note: given the rapid pace of change in the legal solutions market, we regularly curate this library selection online to provide the most current, relevant research.  Past publications, including previous year reports, may be available upon request.)

MarketView™: IP Mgmt Systems for Corporations

The most comprehensive review of the IP Management Lifecycle solutions market for Corporate IP organizations.
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MarketView™: Enterprise Legal Management

The most comprehensive review of the Enterprise Legal Management solutions market for corporate legal organizations.
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MarketView™: IP Mgmt Systems For Law Firms

The most comprehensive review of the IP Management solutions market for IP Law Firms.
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MarketView™: Enterprise Content Management for Legal

A comprehensive review of the ECM/Document Management market and capabilities for law firms and corporate legal.
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MarketView™: Business Process Management for Law Firms

The legal BPM solutions market enterprise BPM solutions outside of the embedded workflow tools.
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MarketView™: Document Management Systems for Legal

A comprehensive review of Document Management Systems for legal organizations.
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MarketView™: Legal Process Outsourcing for IP

A review of the Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) services market focused on intellectual property.
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MarketView™: Trademark Management Systems for Corporations

The “end to end” trademark lifecycle, with an understanding the unique needs of trademarks in the broader intellectual property area.
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